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Dry Fly Distilling

1003 E TRENT # 200


Founded in 2007, Dry Fly was the first distillery in the state of Washington since the prohibition days. Dry Fly features local and sustainable ingredients like Eastern Washington soft white winter wheat, Washington malted barley. Fly fishing enthusiasts and co-owners Kent Fleischmann and Don Poffenroth were also responsible for the Craft Distillers Bill which was the catalyst for the Washington State craft distillery movement.

"Dry Fly Distilling is a craft distillery in Spokane, Washington. We produce craft-distilled vodka, gin and whiskey using only locally grown grains and botanicals. Our still, manufactured in Goppingen, Germany, is a Christian Carl pot still with multiple rectification columns. It has a 450-liter capacity and we expect an annual output of approximately 3,500 cases of 12/750 ml bottles." [from official website]


Most Washington State liquor stores, finer restaurants, and bars. Dry Fly keeps a list on their website here with availability across the United States.

Dry Fly Distilling