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Bainbridge Organic Distillers Battle Point Whiskey

86 proof

An American whiskey aged in charred oak casks and named after an actual battle that took place on Bainbridge Island. Produced in small batches available at the distillery. Some cases have been special ordered by WA state liquor stores, but don't count on finding them before they're gone.

"The nose is sweet and fairly simple: cotton candy, wintergreen, faint menthol, and some heat. It’s hot in the mouth, too. The mint/wintergreen gives way to light caramel and sweet fudge; it’s even a bit sticky. There’s a need for more depth to balance the sweetness, and some more age to mellow the heat. More rough-edged than ‘big distiller’ whiskey at this point." [from Whisky Advocate Blog]

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Bainbridge Organic Distillers Battle Point Whiskey