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  • Bainbridge Heritage Organic Gin is made in small batches from 100% organic Washington State wheat, douglas fir sprigs, and juniper berries.

  • Dry Fly Gin is carefully handcrafted from the same Eastern Washington-grown soft winter wheat used for their vodka and distilled with juniper, dried Washington apples, mint and hops.

  • The ISIS Gin from Snohomish's Mac Donald distillery is another entry into the WA grain based gin category.

  • Smooth and mild new American gin from the Capitol Hill, Seattle based distillery.

  • This most celebrated Washington State gin is well-balanced and in the traditional style of a London dry gin. Great for cocktails.

  • Flavorful New American gin with hints of berries and lavender.

  • A new flavorful new American gin, with emphasis on other ingredients besides juniper.

  • Made with 100% organic wheat, Hedge Trimmer Gin is lighter style gin made with a blend of ten botanicals.